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Maryam K. Hedayat is a filmmaker, writer and curator. After studying Literature at the University of Antwerp and film directing at LUCA School of Arts in Brussels, she devoted herself to making short films, short documentaries and video installations. Besides screenplays, she also writes columns and essays. Hedayat is fascinated by themes of migration and ecofeminism as well as the unreliability of memory and historiography. In her work, she strives to depict socio-political realities in a poetic and magical-realist manner. In 2022 she received funding from VAF to produce her short film The Magician, which is now in postproduction. Hedayat also received funding for writing her first feature film and is in the process of writing her first live action VR.

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Bachelor in the Arts, Film directing

University of Antwerp, LUCA School of Arts


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